Homemade Refresher Spritz -- 5 out of 5

For my first of many product reviews, I will discuss my own amazing hair recipe, which I now swear by over any product you can pick up in a store. Plus it's cheap!

-- Distilled Water (I usually am lazy and use tap)
-- 100% pure vegetable glycerin
-- Essential Oil of your choice
-- Spray bottle (any size)

1) Rinse out your spray bottle. It can be any size. This recipe will work for any size spray bottle because the key to a successful spray is the ratio of water to glycerine. This ratio is based on what works for your hair. Many recommend that you start at 20% glycerin to 80% water and increase percentage of glycerin as necessary. My perfect ratio is 40% glycerin and 60% water.
2) Add glycerin up to whatever level of the bottle will give you the percentage of glycerin that you've decided to use.
3) Add water
up to whatever level of the bottle will give you the percentage of water that you've decided to use.
4) Shake vigorously. Vegetable glycerin is completely soluble with water, so the glycerin should "disappear" into the water.
5) Add 15 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Personally, I like lavender, but many other scents rock!

Usage: I use this spritz as an awesome morning refresher to fluff and fix my coils and curls. After I wake (I sleep in a satin bonnet), I spritz my curls and fluff with my fingers. My coils last 7 days now, but only with the regimen of refreshing with this spray. Using this, there is nothing else that I need to do. Not even "sealing" with other creams and butters, and my ends are healthy.

Hello Blog, I've Missed You!

I would be remiss if I didn't start off with an apology. So I guess I am just remiss:)

Hello world! It's me again. Back. Lots to tell, and many lessons learned.

I haven't written a word since April, so here's the quick rundown of the hair happenings:

1) My hair has grown steadily at approx. .75 - 1 inch per month. As this is the end of July. I would hazard a guess that my hair is b/t 6-7 inches long. It's a guess because I slacked off on measuring and got a trim (HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, more on that later)! The growth challenge continues.

2) Did I mention I got a trim? And that I left the place with soul glo hair and a wallet lighter by the weight of 100$? Well, consider it mentioned... in fact, that anecdote deserves it's own post.

3) I've settled into a 7 day co-wash and coil-out routine with Kinky-curly with henna every 2-3 weeks. I've really become a pro at it, and I've begun tampering with twists and twist outs.

My current dilemma: what to do with my hair during my 3 month sailing voyage around the world. I am considering a protective style, but too afraid of unintentionally neglecting my hair or going coo-coo missing my coils and henna. Choices, choices!

Be back real soon with product reviews, updates, and stories. Feels good to be back.

Natural Nana does it again! Enjoy...

Word! Be a Smarter Curly

I've promised myself that I'm going to start passing on the good stuff -- so here's Jillipoo's great post today on sites that give the comprehensive skinny on ingredients in products. As Jilli says, rise above the mainstream product junky-ism and be a smarter curly.... read here.

Tube of hair product with words hair goo

Dluvlylox Reports: Top Hair Lessons of the Week

As usual, I've been more busy learning all I can, reading all my blogs, than I have been posting! But I'm trying to do better.

Here's the plan: a once weekly serial post the Top Hair Lessons of the Week. This is where I share the best of what I've picked up over the week with the rest of the world. Excited? I know I am. Let's get crackin!


1. Sample Packs! Wanting to indulge the product junky inside, but lacking the funds and not wanting to order full-sized bottles of stuff only to decide after one application that you don't like? Many natural and organic hair product retailers sell sample packs! These usually include a selection of their most popular products in trial sized packaging and equal the cost of only one of the products. I was over the moon to realize just how many lines offer sample packs. (You do still have to pay shipping). After some deliberation, I ordered the Oyin Handmade sample pack --Look for the review soon! Up next, Karen's Body Beautiful!

2. Raggedy Fingernails! This may seem so intuitive, but it was a revelation in my world. I was reading one of my blogs, and the oh-so-wise sister mentioned that naturals should watch their nails. Unfiled or ragged nails catch on hair and snag, causing a lot of breaks. Considering the emphasis on fingerstyling as a healthy alternative to combing and brushing, this becomes even more important. Since salon manicures are a things of the past for me, I'll have to be extra careful from now on. Word!

3. Spring Flowers! This spring's hair fashion accessory: flower power! I've been seeing an explosion of different flowers in pics, ads, and blogs all over. Not only are sisters pinning flowers behind the ear, but also wearing them attached to barrettes and headbands! Now these are selling for 8-25$, but ya'll know I'm going straight to Michael's!! Watch me work, hey!

Well that's it for now... we'll call this one abbreviated, and shoot for 5 per week in the future. Be on the look out for more reviews coming soon!

First Time Henna Today! 5 out of 5 stars

I did my first henna today! Excitement! Came out great...

My Regimen:
1) Co-wash with Suave tropical coconut +baking soda to clarify.
2) Co-wash with He Hello Hydration to soften to detangle.
3) Detangle with Jilbere Shower Comb.
4) ACV/Cold Water Rinse.
5) Apply 100 g of Jamila Henna mixed with 2 cups green tea + honey (I mixed and let dye release for 7 hours before applying.)
6) Cover with shower cap, white strip around the edges, and headband to seal. I also added a scarf, bonnet, and extra pillowcase to eliminate spillage and dying my pillow doo-doo brown. (I'm a bit paranoid, I know!) Let henna work overnight.
7) Wake up, uncover and rinse in tub under full pressure of spigot.
8) Deep condition with AO Honeysuckle Rose + evoo + honey. Sit under hood dryer for 20 min.
9) Cold water rinse.
10) Apply KC Knot Today leave-in.
11) Finger Coil with KC Curling Custard.

Voila! As I said, it turned out great. The thing I'm most excited about is that I didn't spill or stain anything, although there was a brief panic in the morning when I rinsed out my hair in the tub and the water was really, really brown.

What I've noticed so far: As soon as I began to coil, I noticed some differences in my hair. There was less shrinkage, so there was some curl loosening. I also noticed my hair performing like magic, and there was a dark gleam to it. It was very soft and manageable. Like curlynikki says, the henna color is subtle. It actually makes my hair look dark, but in the light there is a wine-colored red sheen that burnishes the hair. Very classy and expensive looking. All in all, consider me a henna head!

Zulu Hair!

I attended the Zulu Ball this Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a strictly formal event, and spent most of January wigging out about what I would do with my hair. I had a dress all picked out, shoes, purse, and jewelry, but what could I do with my cap of curls that wouldn't be boring or standard?? I found a great solution!

I decided to go with a modified 20's look -- a tight cap of curls with a crystal floral hair piece that I made myself! Brilliant right? :)

To get the look: I performed my first rollerset with the little blue magnetic rollers from Sally Beauty Supply. Since I'd never done it, and didn't know what setting lotion to use or whatever, I went with tried and true: I used Kinky Curly Curling Custard! Besides being a bit gooey and taking a long time to dry (an hour under my beloved hood dryer is not too high a beauty price to pay, right?), it came out wonderfully. I rolled my hair in a "brick laying pattern", back to front, using the roller caps to stretch and hold my hair to the roller. After drying, I coated my fingertips in evoo and pulled the curls apart with my fingers. I also carefully ran my fingers through the roots to erase the parting lines.

To create the piece: I went to Michaels. In the bridal decorations section, I found "crystal leaves" pre-mounted on thin silver wire (I've searched the michael's website for a pic of this... in vain). I also bought swarovski crystals. I went home, pulled the leaves apart and re-twisted them in a 3-dimensional flower pattern, and used a hot glue gun to attach the additional crystals for glitter and shine. I used a simple large bobby pin to attach it to above my left ear (where I always wear flowers).

It was a rousing success! I'm sure I don't have to tell you how wonderful all the sisters looked in all their Mardi Gras finery, but I was the ONLY one rocking a hair flower. I got lots of compliments from men and women, and it was one of those rare zen moments where your outside perfectly matches your inside. Selah.