Homemade Refresher Spritz -- 5 out of 5

For my first of many product reviews, I will discuss my own amazing hair recipe, which I now swear by over any product you can pick up in a store. Plus it's cheap!

-- Distilled Water (I usually am lazy and use tap)
-- 100% pure vegetable glycerin
-- Essential Oil of your choice
-- Spray bottle (any size)

1) Rinse out your spray bottle. It can be any size. This recipe will work for any size spray bottle because the key to a successful spray is the ratio of water to glycerine. This ratio is based on what works for your hair. Many recommend that you start at 20% glycerin to 80% water and increase percentage of glycerin as necessary. My perfect ratio is 40% glycerin and 60% water.
2) Add glycerin up to whatever level of the bottle will give you the percentage of glycerin that you've decided to use.
3) Add water
up to whatever level of the bottle will give you the percentage of water that you've decided to use.
4) Shake vigorously. Vegetable glycerin is completely soluble with water, so the glycerin should "disappear" into the water.
5) Add 15 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Personally, I like lavender, but many other scents rock!

Usage: I use this spritz as an awesome morning refresher to fluff and fix my coils and curls. After I wake (I sleep in a satin bonnet), I spritz my curls and fluff with my fingers. My coils last 7 days now, but only with the regimen of refreshing with this spray. Using this, there is nothing else that I need to do. Not even "sealing" with other creams and butters, and my ends are healthy.


Kinky Rhonnie said...

I add a little Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose to mine and it's wonderful.

Divalocity said...

That's almost exactly what I use. We don't need to spend and waste money on beauty products when what we can use is readily available in our cupboards. I use coconut, grape-seed and olive oils in my concoction.

Jessica said...

Thank you for the glycerin and water spritz recipe and the ratio guidelines! I spent hours looking how much of the ingredients to use and yours was the closest I got. BTW: My spritz bottle is 175 ml so based on your guidelines, I started with 35 ml of glycerin (20%) and 140 ml of water. So far so good on my girls' hair.

And WOW! I was going to ask if it was ok to put coconut oil in the spritz too or is it best to put on afterward, but I checked out your post on coconut oil disaster and see that you probably wouldn't recommend it at all. Thanks!

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